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Watch our team building in action

Watch our team building in action

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Landscapes designed

Combined years of leadership experience

Miles of blueprints printed

Since 1990, Hursthouse has created enduring outdoor spaces all over Chicago.

We’ve built for more than 2600 families, drawn more than 4500 designs and shifted more than 7 million shovels worth of soil.

Our profession is landscaping. But our passion is life.



Life after Landscaping

When Bob and Robbi Hursthouse started in business, it was important that they created a company that ensured a life after landscaping. They chose a five-a-day work week for their team – almost unheard of in their industry. That intentional choice, along with countless others, reflect how they treat their teams, families and the clients they serve.

Bob Hursthouse says, “We try to make sure everyone has time to recharge, and we look for ways to help each other grow. When you focus on people’s unique abilities, you really see them thrive.”

At Hursthouse everyone is part of a team – complete with nicknames, inside jokes and traditions all their own. The people you see here aren’t just invested in your landscape. We invest in one another too.