Home is a long-term plan. It’s a commitment. It means more than just today.

So does your landscape – and that’s why Hursthouse won’t just design and build your perfect outdoor living space. We’re going to maintain it for you, too.

Families hire Hursthouse for seasonal maintenance when they’re looking to protect what they’ve invested in their landscape. Anyone can trim a hedge or mow a lawn; it’s our job to protect your vision.  So our maintenance team brings expertise to every visit.

It begins with your design. What are your landscape’s overarching features? What do yards and entryways, features and furniture, lines and geometry and color all accomplish in your outdoor space? How were they meant to make you feel when we designed them?

How do we preserve that feeling, honor the intent of your design, and actually make things better over time?

You’ll be surprised to see what’s possible. A Hursthouse landscape is a pleasure from day one – but it’s designed to grow and bloom for years to come. Your plants mature and change. Trees grow. Stone settles.

And an expert maintenance team will trim your plants so they get sunlight and stay healthy, keep your trees prepared and ready as the seasons change, and maintain surfaces so they perform for years to come.

The Hursthouse difference is a maintenance team that understands what makes plants flourish, understands what makes your landscape work, and understands what makes your home investment grow as years go by.

We can write a plan of seasonal visits that works for your landscape. When we’ve come and gone, you won’t just see the difference – you will feel it. You’ll feel home again.