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How Will a Campfire Ring Affect my Landscape and Budget?

You don’t have to camp to build a campfire. In fact, campfire rings are a less temporary way to enjoy gathering around a fire year-round – and at a fraction of the impact to your budget that a larger feature like a fire pit or outdoor fireplace might make.

So is a campfire ring for you? It may depend on your landscaping style.

Campfire rings are more casual and rustic than more heavily constructed fire features. There’s no foundation for our building team to lay. Instead, your furniture sits on the lawn – or on another surface like crushed-granite gravel, to provide a different texture underfoot.

Your fire ring can be formed from a variety of boulder types. Inside the ring, fire logs are often elevated on a steel log grate to help with airflow and keep those flames burning nicely. The whole setup adds a relatively small investment to your budget: Most campfire rings costs between $3,000 and $5,000. This makes them a nice choice as a “secondary” fire feature in larger landscapes – somewhere for the family and guests to walk to and enjoy your outdoor living space.