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What’s a Conceptual Landscape Design?

If you’re designing and building your landscape with Hursthouse, we’ll typically present you two Conceptual Landscape Designs for discussion and feedback. This usually happens several weeks after your first meeting when we’ve done the research, crafted the vision and put drawings together to show you.

But even though they take a lot of work, these Conceptual Designs are very different from the Final Design we’ll actually use to build your landscape. Here’s how.

Conceptual Designs are made for changing

At Hursthouse, we’ll typically present you at least two Conceptual Designs at the same time. There will be significant differences between the two. The  conceptual drawings will be general, but not specific – for example, you’ll see the shape your patio could be, but not its exact dimensions or the exact type of stone it will be built from.

Why? Conceptual Designs are all about starting a discussion with you. We want you to say, “I love this concept, but not that one.” Perhaps one of the designs feels perfect for you – but it’s equally possible you’ll want to combine ideas or finesse things further. That’s what our Conceptual Designs are all about.

Conceptual Designs help set your budget

Each of the Conceptual Designs we present to you will also have a rough budget – and the cost differences between designs will be noticeable.

Why? Conceptual Designs help you find out what your priorities are. They’re a great chance to say “we can spend this, but not that,” or “this approach seems worth a little extra money to us.” You can even ask, “how would the costs change if we tried a different material over here or subtracted some trees from this area?”

Often, it takes a picture to help you see where your investment is going. Your Conceptual Designs are just that.

What happens at my Conceptual Design meeting?

When it’s time to present your Conceptual Design, we can do that at our office – or at your home. In the latter case, we’ll often walk your property with you again and to help you envision how a given design will change your actual landscape.

We’ll present two concepts. Each design includes a birds-eye-view of your landscape concept, rendered in color, with features like hardscapes, trees and even furniture included for you to see. We’ll also have supporting photos or drawings to show you for each plan if appropriate.

Our goal is to help you imagine how it will feel to live in your new landscape. When we help you picture that, you’ll be able to respond honestly and make good decisions about the kind of landscape design that’s right for you.

Final Designs are ready to build

You could love one or the other of your Conceptual Designs – or we might choose a middle road. Whatever your feedback, once we understand your preferences and priorities in detail, we’ll head back to the design studio to create your Final Design.

The Final Design has every detail – from the type and measurement of construction materials to the species of every plant and tree. It has a precise and final proposal.  All it takes is your signature on a Final Design for us to literally hand it to our construction crews and get to work.