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What Do Outdoor Fireplaces and Firepits Cost?

Fire brings folks together. It’s one of humanity’s most powerful discoveries – and one of the most effective choices you can make for your landscaping project.

There are a lot of ways to choose fire, from free-standing masonry fireplaces to small pits and campfire rings. Each option feels and works a little differently – and each will have a different impact on your project’s final budget.

If you’re curious about costs, here are typical budget ranges for four favorite fire landscaping features.

  1. Wood-burning fire pits are a familiar spot for family and friends to gather, usually in a circle, to make conversation and watch the fire. Flames stay contained behind a masonry wall for safety. Costs depend on the material you choose for your pit’s sides and on the size of your completed fire pit, but they’re usually in the $10-15,000 range.
  2. Natural gas fire pits are a modern twist on the familiar fire pit – easy to start and stop, and with a number of possible materials inside to create reflections and a distinctive visual appeal. Your costs depend on the materials and on the type of burner your pit uses (different communities will have different requirements here). Expect to spend in the $15-25,000 range.
  3. Masonry fireplaces are a more substantial way to offer fire and heat outside. They sit on a full concrete foundation, just like a room addition to your house would, and they usually make for “living room style” seating where the focus isn’t solely on your fire. Costs depend on the level of detail and on the size and height of your completed fireplace. Expect to spend $20-25,000 for a kit or $50,000+ for a true custom fireplace.
  4. Campfire rings are a more casual way to gather round the fire – a ring of granite boulders and some gravel keeps the flame contained without full masonry. Costs depend on the size of your ring and the material we use, but often land within the $3-5,000 range.