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What Determines the Cost of My Outdoor Kitchen?

Outdoor living includes outdoor eating. Sometimes, it’s as simple as stepping outside with a morning cup of coffee or a favorite snack while you take in your landscape.

Other times, you’d like a little more.

If you’re into cooking out, Hursthouse can always add a grill (and plumb its gas connection) as part of your new landscape design. Or we can work with you to plan something more permanent: A space to prep your food, to serve and eat, to entertain on Friday night or spend a laid-back breakfast time with family.

Here are three big questions that affect how much your outdoor kitchen costs.

  • What appliances suit you? Just like your indoor kitchen, outdoor cooking areas come with a lot of options for food prep. There are different levels of quality – and of price. We’ll work with you to choose the best for your use and your budget.
  • What size suits your landscape? From a simple grill to an extraordinary entertaining space with seating, bars and counterspace, your outdoor kitchen area can be a lot – or just a little.

What materials suit your home? Good landscape design usually means matching new outdoor construction to the home you’ve got already – brick homes probably use brick in their outdoor designs, stone homes use stone and so on. Every landscaping material comes with a different landscaping cost.