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How Will an Outdoor Fireplace Affect My Landscape and Budget?

You don’t have to be inside to curl up by the fireplace. In fact, outdoor fireplaces are a wonderful way to define an “outdoor living room” – they provide heat and light, and there’s a feeling of permanence and comfort you might not get from another type of fire feature.

We always build outdoor fireplaces on 42-inch concrete foundations, just like a room addition to your house. This is an outdoor room in every way except the walls and ceiling.

So what should you budget for your outdoor fireplace? That depends on the style and material you’ve got in mind.

  1. Kit fireplaces are the most affordable way to add a fireplace to your outdoor living space. They come pre-formed, with flue and chimney all attached but not yet finished. We’ll install the kit in your landscape and finish it, completing the exterior with materials like brick, stone or cobble that align with your overall landscape design.

Kits typically add between $15,000 and $25,000 to your total landscape cost, depending on the type of materials you choose for finishing and on the way it integrates into your property. But there’s a downside: Because kit fireplaces are pre-built, there’s no adjusting size or shape to suit your unique landscape.

  1. Custom masonry fireplaces are the answer if your landscape design needs a more bespoke approach. We can build your fireplace from scratch using a number of materials: Brick for the fastest, most affordable install, or stone or cobblestone for a variety of colors and textures.

Brick custom fireplaces often add $25-30,000 to the cost of your landscape, while a stone or cobblestone fireplace could easily add twice that cost or more. A custom stone or cobblestone install takes time and effort; every stone must be hand-picked and matched uniquely by a skilled mason. The result is one you’ll find yourself admiring for a long time.